Escape to your new home
at The Ranch.

Located in an exclusive new neighborhood surrounded by Oklahoma’s natural beauty, The Ranch at Lost Creek offers a life of tranquility and peace. Our mission is to create homes that are spacious and modern, allowing you to create stories & memories in a one-of-a-kind space. We strive for the extraordinary, even within the ordinary details.

We’re building a new community from the ground up.

We make it easy for you to find your perfect home site, plan a custom build, and enjoy the lifestyle of luxury living. Our team will work with you on every detail of your home project. You can live in the comfort of knowing that we’re here for you every step of the way.

After owning & maintaining the beautiful property for almost ten years, raising cattle and working horses, The Ranch co-developer Tom Havenstrite realized he wanted to do more. “I had the place in beautiful shape with manicured pastures, yard, and baseball field,” Tom recalled, “but I felt our weekend getaway and hobby ranch deserved to bring joy to even more people.”

That’s when Tom connected with Rick and Dava Byrd, local home builders that were interested in putting in high quality, large tracts of spacious living in the Norman area, but just outside the city limits for wide-open peace and freedom. Then, the idea for The Ranch at Lost Creek was born.

A man and two children play with block and a puzzle
Three children eat snacks and drink hot chocolate in The Ranch at Lost Creek

Connect with Norman Oklahoma’s premier builders.

From the moment you choose The Ranch at Lost Creek, our dedicated team of Norman-based designers and builders will work with you to conceptualize your dream luxury home. Our goal is to create properties that capture the natural beauty of Oklahoma, each new home is built with exceptional craftsmanship to last a lifetime– all from the builders who have been shaping communities for decades.

The average cost of building a house in Norman, OK will vary depending on the size, location, style, and other special features that you want for your home. Estimating the price of a custom home can be a complex process. You will need to consider many things, but the experienced team for The Ranch at Lost Creek can guide you every step of the way.

There are a lot of things you need to consider when hiring a builder. The most important thing is finding a builder who shares your vision and has the right skillset. You want someone who can guide you through the tough decisions, as well as be practical when necessary. You'll also want someone who will help you stay on budget. Our approved builders will share their experience previous work to help you rest assured your custom home will match your vision.

Buying land for a house is a big decision, but The Ranch at Lost Creek is here to help. We’ll discuss the needs of you and your family, and offer you multiple locations that will feed your lifestyle. We’ll help you take care of permits, estimate average costs for each location, and more.